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Have you taken a good look at your credit card statement lately?  You may be shocked to find that you are paying 20% or more interest on your card balance.  Why not do yourself a favor by applying for a Southern Star MasterCard.  We charge a reasonable rate, have low fees and provide good service.  



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Loan Promotion Until Further Notice. The credit union will discount current loan rates.  New loan rates will be discounted an additional 1.50% off the qualified rate.  New money only. Loan add on rates will be discounted an additional .50% off the qualified rate.  The minimum loan add on will be $1,000.00 to receive the discounted rate.  Share Secured and Certificate Secured loans are excluded from this promotion.  



You and Your Privacy     New privacy laws and identity theft prevention rules add extra effort for everyone.  Recent changes require that members provide written authorization to make address changes.  The credit union can no longer take account changes over the phone or by fax.  Please, when you have a change in your mailing address, home phone, work phone, cell phone or email address, notify your credit union.  The only way we can contact you if there is a problem is by using the information you provide.  Email addresses are very important if you travel domestically or abroad.



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